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Muscles of the Arm: Anatomy and Function

Nothing beats a great pair of arms. Although abs and quads look great at the beach, developing your arm muscles can turn heads even when you are fully clothed. Most people assume that building your arm muscles is simple. However it takes more than just curls and tricep kickbacks. If you increase your understanding of…

woman in purple long sleeve shirt and grey leggings working out

12 Minute Equipment Free Leg Workout

When you think of leg exercises, your mind goes straight to squats and deadlifts. However, there are hundreds of leg exercises that you can do and most of them can be done at home. This workout focuses on compound exercises to activate more than just your quads and your glutes. You are activating your core,…

Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips

Starting your exercise journey can be overwhelming. There is so much information available and you can be self conscious about how you look or your knowledge level. The good news is that everyone has gone through the same process at some point or another. These 7 tips should help you take the first steps of…

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