Wonder Women Workout from Home

Gal Gadot’s trainer, Mark Twight, created a HIIT style workout to help transform her body into super hero form. I’ve modified the workout slightly so that it can be done safely in the privacy of your own home. This workout consists of ten exercises, plus a warmup/cooldown, and should take no more than 45min!


This workout routine requires no equipment. However, make sure you have a stopwatch, filled water bottle, and towel for sweat nearby.


It is important to properly warm up to prevent injuries. This section will contain 10 dynamic exercises to help you stretch your body while you pick up your heart rate.

  1. 20 Jumping jacks
  2. 20 walking high knees
  3. 10 arm circles
  4. 10 side shuffles going left, 10 side shuffles going right
  5. 20 steps backpedaling
  6. 10 walking lunges
  7. 10 squats
  8. 10 leg swings each leg
  9. 5 push ups
  10. 30 second plank

Main Exercise

  1. 5min jogging on the spot, 30sec sprint/30sec easy pace.
  2. 1min mountain climbers
  3. 2min bear crawl forward
  4. 2min bear crawl backward.
  5. 2min burpee broad jump. Complete a burpee followed by jumping forwards as far as you can.
  6. 2min crab walk
  7. repeat 4
  8. 2 min hip thrusts
  9. 2 min superman
  10. 3 sets of pushups to failure. 30sec rest in between


The cooldown portion of the workout allows for recovery of your heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, it can help you reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

  1. 1min Slow jog on the spot
  2. 20 Arm circles
  3. 10 Hip swings each leg
  4. 20 Butt kicks
  5. 20 high knees

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