Core Workout: Intense 9 minute Equipment Free Routine

If you are looking to train your core, you are in for some good news. There are hundreds of exercises to choose from and many require no equipment. Training your core is important because it helps improve your balance and stability. Additionally, having a well developed core will reduce your risk of injuries. Finally, developing a strong core helps improve your performance in many other areas. Want to run faster, squat heavier, or perform yoga better? A well developed core will improve your performance in all of these areas.

Getting a six pack is a common fitness goal and it is very achievable. Complete ab workouts two to three times per week, eat a nutrient-rich diet, and reduce the empty calories that you consume. However, improving your core strength or appearance does not occur overnight. It takes time and consistency for you to see results. As long as you are patient and stick with your health and fitness plans you will see results.


The following workout is an intense 9 minute HIIT core routine that can be completed at home. There is one circuit that contains 8 exercises, and it is repeated one additional time. Each exercise will last for 30 seconds and there are no rests between each exercise. However, there is a rest between the circuits to give you a much needed break. Make sure you have a mat, towel, and water bottle handy.


It is always important to start with a warm-up to get the most out of your workouts. Warming up helps you mentally prepare for the workout, increasing your focus on your body throughout the process. Additionally, it helps increase your body temperature and increase the blood flow that goes to your muscles. This helps reduce your muscle soreness and can reduce your risk of injuries1.

  1. Jog on the spot, 30 seconds.
  2. Squats, 30 seconds
  3. Standing Side Crunches, 15 each side
  4. Hip circles, 10 clockwise followed by 10 counter clockwise
  5. Mountain climbers, 30 seconds
  6. Lunges, 30 seconds

Main Workout

  • Crunches, 30 seconds
crunches core workout GIF by Hockey Training
  • Leg Ups, 30 seconds
working out weight loss GIF
Leg Ups
  • Leg Circles, 30 Seconds
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Leg Circles
  • Side Plank Hip Raises Right Side 30 seconds
work out scandal GIF by HULU
Side Plank Hip Raises
  • Plank Hip Touches, 30 seconds
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Plank Hip Touches
  • Side Plank Hip Raises Left Side, 30 seconds
  • Bicycle Crunch, 30 Seconds
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Bicycle Crunch
  • Toe touches, 30 seconds
exercise abs GIF
Toe Touches
  • Rest 30 Seconds
  • Repeat

Ending Comments

I hope you enjoyed the workout. If you are looking to make it more challenging and have a larger time commitment, try to do each exercise for 45 seconds or repeat the circuit an additional time.

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1.Shellock FG, Prentice WE. Warming-Up and Stretching for Improved Physical Performance and Prevention of Sports-Related Injuries. Sports Medicine. 1985;2(4):267-278. doi:10.2165/00007256-198502040-00004

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